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Brittany Garcia '11


Cybersecurity Engineer

Brittany Garcia (Stoycheff) graduated from PCHS in 2011 and currently lives in Maryland where she works as a Cybersecurity Engineer.

Where have you been stationed?

What motivated you to join the military?

Other Advice/Information

Pensacola, FL & Bremerton, WA

I joined the Navy a few months after I graduated high school. After I got out of the military, I used my GI Bill for college and graduated with my Bachelor's from UH West Oahu in Information Security & Assurance and Master's in Cybersecurity Policy from the University of Maryland. I know a ton about the Navy as well as technical knowledge (programming, ethical hacking, etc.). Willing to help anyone who would like advice on joining the military and/or wants to pursue cybersecurity/computer networking/programming work. I also know a lot about college internship programs from the Department of Defense.

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