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The one thing I wished I knew was if you took early college classes then that's half the battle done. I was able to start classes at HCC two weeks after I graduated but it was still a struggle for me. If I did those classes during high school, then I would have had a relaxing summer until college started.

Brendan Racoma '20

Honolulu Community College

Fire & Environmental Emergency Response & Sound Engineering

Brendan Racoma is a graduate of the Class of 2020 at PCHS. He is a first-year at Honolulu Community College studying to be a Firefighter and a Sound Engineer.

Other Advice/Information

You gotta take early college classes at some point in high school because it will benefit you if your interested in going to college. Also take advantage of any field trips that your teachers offer out there that involves going to conference because it's good to find information about careers and colleges. And the final thing is to take advantage of whatever opportunity high school has to offer if it be clubs, classes, or field trips.

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