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One thing I wished I knew about college is that mental health is very important. If you are struggling then you should reach out to get help as soon as possible because it can affect your grades and friendships. Many professors in college are very understanding but you always have to communicate with them. Another small thing I wish I knew while still in high school is to get comfortable with talking with peers and adults.

Jade Balidoy '20

Creighton University

Business BSBA

Jade Balidoy graduated from Pearl City High School in 2020 and attends Creighton University as a biology pre-med major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is currently a prospective business intelligence and analytics and economics double major in Heider College of Business. Jade's intended career goal is to hold a position in a well-known business.

Other Advice/Information

As a student from the health pathway, I believe all students should take one business class. Although they might not want further pursue a career or degree in business, it is a necessity. You can take skills from Mr. Wakabayashi's business class that you can use later in life and not only in college.

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