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I wish I knew that college is a great opportunity to grow more as an independent individual. I kind of knew this going in to college, but never took full advantage of it.

Jaymi Urashima '07

University of Hawaii at Manoa

BA & MA Communicology

PhD in Learning Design and Technology in Progress

Jaymi Urashima is an alumna of PCHS and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is currently an instructor at UH Manoa and teaches classes related to communication and public speaking. Jaymi is also a PhD student at UH Manoa and is using her education to help her with her current job and open up opportunities for herself. She hopes to help in working toward creating a better learning experience for college students.

Other Advice/Information

I think that joining in on extracurricular activities in high school is a great opportunity to practice for college. You have the opportunity to network a lot in college and being part of clubs and sports will help create social and career opportunities for later. Also, just pay attention to what you're passionate about in life. There's a job out there that will fit your passion, and there is a pathway for you to find that job.

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