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The personalities of your professors vary a lot! Some professors are willing to help you, while others are not. Some are willing to round your grade up, and some are not.

Do NOT underestimate college! Passing or failing a class (or the semester) is entirely up to you.

Jin Pak '19

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Biology / Pre-Med

Jin Pak graduated from Pearl City High School in 2019. He is currently enrolled in University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Biology major in the Pre-Med track. Jin's goal is to one day become a physician on the island of Oahu.

Other Advice/Information

Rate my professor is a good tool but keep in mind the reviews may be biased. Some of the best professors have horrible reviews.

Go to your professors OFFICE HOURS. It shows your teacher that you care about the class. This not only helps you understand the material, but it also leaves a good impression on the professor (you may need 0.1% for a higher grade).

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