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One thing I wish I knew in high school regarding college was how beneficial AP and early college courses are for your college career. Especially, if you are staying on the island, taking early college classes is a great opportunity to earn college credit that will be guaranteed to be accepted by the school (mainland schools may differ, so you should always check to ensure that you can receive credit for your hard work!). Due to taking multiple AP and early college courses, I had enough credits coming into college that I am on track to graduate a year early and I plan to use that year to gain work experience.

Jordyn Yoshihara '19

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Business Administration/Management

Jordyn Yoshihara graduated from PCHS in 2019. She is currently a second-year pursuing her Bachelor's in Business Administration/Management at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She gets asked quite often about her long term goals, but she does not have anything solidified at this time. While it is important to plan and be prepared for the future, Jordyn believes that you should remember to take the time to live in the present, making the most of every opportunity and not limiting yourself.

Other Advice/Information

One of the best things about high school is that it offers a variety of opportunities to educate yourself about new things and explore what interests you. Courses like AP Psychology, AP English/Literature and Human Anatomy are my personal favorites and ones that I really enjoyed learning. Challenging yourself and going outside of your comfort zone, whether it be through a class you know nothing about or getting involved in sports or school committees, are all important aspects of figuring out what you are passionate about before having to make a decision in college.

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