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I wish I knew that it's okay to not find your perfect friend group right away, it'll all come together with time. I also wish I knew that there's no reason to be scared or nervous to start college because when you think about it, all incoming freshmen are having the same feelings as you. Additionally, make as much use out of the resources that your university provides you because after all, you are paying for all of it.

Kaila Oshiro '19

Pacific University


Kaila Oshiro graduated from PCHS in 2019 and currently attends Pacific University in Oregon as a second-year majoring in Kinesiology. She hopes to become a physical therapist. Some of her hobbies include surfing and hiking.

Other Advice/Information

Students should really learn how to not procrastinate while in high school because the workload only increases once you go to college. I also believe you should try everything that you want to try while in high school, whether that be clubs/sports/etc., because high school is the time to try new things and see which ones fit you the best. Depending on what major you're going into, taking classes that may pertain to your major will help you to at least get introduced to those subjects so that when you go to college not everything will be foreign information.

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