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I wish I knew about the average yearly increase in tuition. I didn't know tuition raises every year and it would have been nice to know and plan/save for it or choose a different school.

Kayla Odo '18

University of Portland


Kayla Odo is a Class of 2018 graduate. She is a third-year Nursing major at the University of Portland. She is also in Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC). Kayla intends to graduate with a BSN and commission as an officer in the Air Force in 2022.

Other Advice/Information

I found the Finance class at PCHS helpful because it provided information about personal finance and how to manage your money. If they don't have that class anymore, I highly recommend learning about Personal Finance (i.e., building credit, student loans, investing, ROTH IRA). Ask your potential colleges about the resources they provide to help you land your job after you graduate.

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