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I wish that I had taken more diverse classes, such as business, marketing, tech, etc. instead of just focusing on health. A lot of students in college don’t know exactly what they want to pursue, and sometimes it can be very stressful. However, taking different classes in high-school can help one to know which courses they enjoy and which they don’t. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with exploring interests in college but I wish that I had taken the initiative to register myself for a variety of courses in high school.

Kristine Ono '20

Creighton University

Health Administration and Policy/Pre-Med

Kristine Ono graduated from PCHS as a part of the Class of 2020. She is currently attending Creighton University, where she is majoring in Health Administration and Policy on the Pre-Med track. After her undergraduate studies, Kristine intends on either pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management or attending medical school.

Other Advice/Information

In high school, I highly recommend taking advantage of opportunities for certifications or internships. I was in the Health Academy, where I was able to get Nurse Aide training and work at Pali Momi. I was very grateful for this opportunity as it helped me get my foot in the door, allowed me to build my healthcare experience, and form relationships with other healthcare professionals. It developed me more as a healthcare provider, as well as a person at such a young age.

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