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I wish I had better documented my community service and achievements in high school as I accumulated the hours and awards. When filling out college and scholarship applications, I had to recall everything that I had done in high school. I probably missed listing a few things from my earlier years in high school.

Kryssa Isobe '09

Washington State University (Pullman)

Elementary Education
MEd Curriculum Studies

Kryssa Isobe graduated from PCHS in 2009. She earned her BA in Elementary Education from Washington State University in 2013, and later earned an MEd in Curriculum Studies at University of Hawaii in 2015. She currently teaches 6th grade along the Leeward coast of Oahu.

Other Advice/Information

No matter what college you choose to go to, reach beyond your comfort zone. Get involved in organizations and don't be afraid to make new friends. Building new relationships will make adjusting to college life significantly easier whether it is creating study groups with classmates, networking with professionals in the field you're interested in, or just having someone to do fun activities with that are unrelated to studying.

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