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College is not only an academic experience, it's about learning how to live on your own and making decisions. You will be stretched but it's a great opportunity to flourish and become a better version of yourself. College is the best four years of your life, make it count!

Kylee Wasano '19

Brigham Young University Provo


Kylee Wasano graduated from PCHS in 2019. She is currently attending Brigham Young University Provo and majoring in Business. Kylee plans to have a career in the business field. She will be serving a church mission for 18 months.

Other Advice/Information

Get involved in groups and organizations that you're interested in and show that you are committed. Gain experience to build your resume. If possible, attend college on the mainland to be able to get away from home and broaden your experiences. It's totally worth going to college on the mainland.

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