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Having parents with a different educational background and no older siblings to help out, it was a bit difficult to navigate and decide what to do for college! I wish I knew more about all of the resources and opportunities that each university offered so I could make the best decision when applying and accepting my offers. However, I am still glad I chose the university I attend today!

Lauren Nakamine '18

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Biology | Japanese Language Minor

Lauren Nakamine graduated from PCHS in 2018 and is currently attending University of Hawaii at Manoa where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a minor in Japanese Language. Aside from classes Lauren is an active member in the UH Community as a Peer Advisor at the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center, Director of Community Service (and elected President for the 21 - 22 school year) of the Pre-Medical Association, Secretary of the K-Pop Cardio Crew (KPCC), Alternate Board Member of the Student Activity and Program Fee Board (SAPFB), and a new inductee of the Mortar Board Hui Po`okela Chapter. In addition to that, Lauren is an avid volunteer at Queen’s Medical Center and a Health and Wellness Check-In volunteer with Our Kupuna. After graduating from UH Manoa, Lauren hopes to take a couple productive gap years before applying to medical school where she hopes to become an oncologist.

Other Advice/Information

Take as many early college classes as you can!! They were really beneficial for me once I started taking classes at UH Manoa! I’d also highly recommend applying for the New Warrior Scholarships too if you are looking towards staying home! Also, make sure you take some fun classes too -- not just those that fulfill major/graduation requirements! I took a medication class and it was one of the best and more beneficial classes I’ve ever taken!

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