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One thing I wish I knew about college while I was in high school was that your experience goes by faster than you think. Value your time in college. Value the friendships you have made along the way. The freshman events, clubs, and volunteer experience can make the most of your collegiate experience, so you should maximize your experience by getting involved, making new friends, and organizing your time management while having fun.

Leilani Flint '19

Howard University


Leilani Flint is a 2019 graduate from PCHS and currently a Journalism major, History and International Affairs double minor at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Her intended career goal is to become an International Journalist, covering stories such as economics, politics, and foreign affairs globally. Leilani strives to have the opportunity to write for the Washington Post and become a foreign reporter for MSNBC.

Other Advice/Information

Please search for as many scholarships as POSSIBLE. Don't wait until the last minute to look for free money that could support your college tuition significantly. Whether it be 500$ or 10,000$, Each penny or dollar counts! Look for scholarships based on your major, if your first generation, a minority, or a resident of Hawaii.

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