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One thing I wished I knew about college while I were still in high school is to do as much as you can when you first get into college. There are so many opportunities and ways to get involved as a first year. Getting this early start will help you make connections and utilize everything college has to offer.

Noah Myers '18

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Saint Martin's University, Leeward Community College, & Honolulu Community College

Business Marketing | Psychology Minor

Noah Myers graduated from PCHS in 2018. He is currently a third-year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a major in Business- Marketing and minor in Psychology. Noah's intended career goal is to become a product marketing manager for a big company or even his own.

Other Advice/Information

Take early college classes. It will never hurt to have more college credits when being a freshman. Having more college credits will benefit when you join college.

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