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You need to network with professionals especially in your area of study. Get out and explore different industries before picking a major. It might be in your best interest to start investing in your future by making a savings account, investing in index funds, and to self-educate yourself about the world before going into college.

Nyle Jordan Ocariza '18

University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu


Nyle Jordan Ocariza is a PCHS 2018 graduate and currently studies Accounting at the University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu. Nyle intends to obtain his Masters, earn his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License, as well as receive his Chartered Management Accountant (CMA) License.

Other Advice/Information

I found taking a lot of the AP Classes helpful before going into college. Definitely my business classes like Beginning Accounting, for example. Also, please get involved in your community (church, volunteer groups, and outreach programs).

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