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While learning the actual class material is important, getting to know as many people as possible including students, faculty, and professionals is just as essential to developing yourself as a future professional in the workforce. There are many organizations on campus that one should take advantage of and try to network with others. It's never to early to start.

Ryan Watanabe '17

Illinois Institute of Technology

Mechanical Engineering BS | Business Minor

Ryan Watanabe is a 2017 PCHS graudate and has been wanting to give back to this school ever since. Currently, he is senior at the Illinois Institute of Technology studying mechanical engineering. Throughout his educational career, Ryan has experienced the ins-and-outs of a small tech school in the Midwest and would love to share with high school students who are considering to study engineering.

Other Advice/Information

I have four internships throughout my educational career. One thing that I have learned that it is much easier to get jobs when someone can recommend you to the hiring manager. That is why it is so vital to sharpen your communication skills even if you are in a technical field so that you can network with people that can come to vouch for you.

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