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Connections are a very important aspect in terms of getting to new places and you never know who you might run into. Saying "yes" to new opportunities, even if out of comfort zone can really allow you to grow and gain new strengths as well as working out on a weakness. Don't be afraid to step into a new community. College is a place about experience and learning–it's nothing to be intimidated about and nobody is 100% set when in college.

Sasha Broniola '17

Azusa Pacific University (SoCal), Crown College (MN)

Kinesiology: Exercise Science & Medical Biology | Music Minor

Sasha Broniola is a first generation student and a graduate of the PCHS Class of 2017. Sasha intended on studying Music Education at first until she noticed that it wasn't her passion, and so she switched her major to Kinesiology: Exercise Science. Recently, she added in Medical Biology to her studies. Sasha's career goal is to someday work with professional athletes as an athletic trainer or go to medical school and become a team physician. On the other hand, if these career don't workout, then she would like to work with the FBI as a forensic scientist.

Other Advice/Information

Students should take advantage of getting connected to faculty on staff, as this can really help prior to college and a faculty member just might become your mentor. Asking a lot of questions are really helpful, just understanding what types of questions to ask can be beneficial; such as "Why did you want to teach and specifically this category." Being able to learn about why the teachers are there at the school can really provide you insights about where you might want to go and your "why".

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