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Use the time in high school to learn about what you don't want to do in life. Although there is an immense pressure to know exactly what path you want to take after graduating, I have come to learn that knowing what you don't want to do is equally as important. This approach takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders and gives you the mental freedom to explore every option and start narrowing down your interests.

Sean Sugai '19

University of California, Los Angeles

Pre-Human Biology and Society | Anthropology | Public Health Minor

Sean Sugai is a Class of 2019 graduate and currently attends the University of California, Los Angeles as a second-year double majoring in Pre-Human Biology and Society and Anthropology with a minor in Public Health. Sean is a strong advocate for higher education, as he believes that obtaining a higher education in any form can open doors to countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. He welcomes all questions and encourages students to reach out to him about questions pertaining to college, scholarships, research, and life in general.

Other Advice/Information

Always be confident and believe in yourself no matter what. I know it is easy to compare yourself to others, especially when you feel down, but please trust me that you are more than capable of succeeding. Although it might seem really difficult at the moment, just know that every ounce of effort you're pouring into your work will pay off.

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