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That high school is not the end all be all. You can and will succeed if you put your mind to it, that the GPA you get when you graduated doesn't define you, and that there are options. Also, college is nothing like high school, and for some like myself it makes the learning experience so much better and for others it makes it a struggle–both are valid and it's all about figuring out how to balance your work load and it's important to gain good habits when starting school. Finally, and most importantly, community college or a trade is okay! You are not a failure if you do this and it doesn't make you any less intelligent–I promise.

Summer Finney '18

Tidewater Community College & Old Dominion University

AS Science under General Studies
Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Summer Finney graduated PCHS in 2018. According to her, she was by no means a good student in high school and only achieved a GPA of 2.4. Summer thought that she would never get into college so she didn't even bother. She moved to Virginia, took 6 months off from school, and enrolled in a community college in her area, and despite her low GPA in high school, they enrolled her in an accelerated program that allowed her to obtain her Associates degree within a year. Summer is happy to say she graduated with a GPA of 3.9 and got accepted to Old Dominion University (ODU) for this Fall semester majoring in Medical Laboratory Science. She is expected to graduate in 2022.

Other Advice/Information

Well, I cannot give good advice on classes until I meet someone but I'd be happy to tell you what I believe would be a good idea if you already have a major in mind. I'd also like to mention that I am mental health friendly and will be available if you need help with that. I've been through my fair share of crisis in my life and I'm an advocate for mental health and also for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. Times are hard right now and that can make school even harder than it needs to be–you are not alone and dont have to be.

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