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While in high school, I wish I knew more about scholarships. I didn't apply for that many but they would've really helped. It's important to get out there and apply to as many as possible so you can pay the least amount as possible.

Sydni Inafuku '18

Seattle University

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Sydni Inafuku graduated from PCHS in 2018 and currently attends Seattle University where she is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound. After she graduates in 2022, Sydni intends on staying in Seattle to find a job in the city, possibly specializing in OB/GYN ultrasound.

Other Advice/Information

Take the classes that align with your interests or your future career interests. Being in the health academy definitely put me at a small advantage by learning so much medical terminology with Mrs. Matsumoto. I would also say to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities outside of school too; for example, job shadowing, volunteering, etc. This not only looks job on applications, but also gives you personal experience.

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