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Something I wished I knew about college while in high school was how independent you will become. If you ever want to know what it would like without your parents by your side ready to help, go to college away. When I moved away, I told myself that I would be okay without my family and that I would only need to call them for the important things. However, little did I know, I was going to be a huge train-wreck and was going to need the help from my family. But also, I did not move away, I would have grown as a person and be who I am today.

Tiffany Marshall '19

Grand Canyon University

Hospitality Management

Tiffany Marshall graduated in 2019, and currently attends Grand Canyon University as a second-year studying Hospitality Management. With her major, Tiffany plans to work in the hospitality/tourism industry in the future. Her dream career is to become a flight attendant or a cruise director–or at least something that will take her to places she has never been before.

Other Advice/Information

I highly recommend that students should take advantage of every opportunity in college. Sure, main focus is to get your degree but it is also the time to make memories and create connections. So go that Friday night football game or meet with one of your professors to help get connected in the work field.

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