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Peter Tanaka '12

Textron/Electrical Engineer

Peter Tanaka grew up in Pacific Palisades and graduated from PCHS in 2012. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Peter lived in Baltimore, Maryland for 8 years and worked at Textron Systems. He currently lives in Manchester, New Hampshire working for Herrick Technology Labs. In his free time, he enjoys nature and volunteering to mentor youth.

What type of training/education is appropriate for this position?

4 years of college with internship in the field.

What is one piece of advice you would give to current high school students?

Trust that God will provide if you are faithful. Success isn’t just money and power but relationships. Be good and it all comes back. Be humble and willing to listen.

What is one thing you wished you knew about your career while you were still in high school?

Other Advice/Information

Be true to yourself. I’ve faced opposition and trusted my head, heart , and spirit. The world tries to conform and influence you , but be careful who you trust. Trust those who have demonstrated their love for you.

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