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I wish I knew that college would be so much more than academics! While the desire for decent grades has motivated me to hone my study habits and improve self-discipline, I have come to strengthen social skills through networking events and extracurricular activities; get a feel for independence as a resident on campus; and broaden my view of the world as I interacted with and befriended individuals from around the world! Of course, challenges came with each of these learning opportunities, however, I have come to realize that there is so much more than I had expected to prepare for and learn from the college experience!

Alohi Tolentino '18

University of Hawaii at Manoa

International Business & Marketing | Japanese Minor

Alohi Tolentino graduated from PCHS in 2018 and went on to study at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she is currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Marketing. Upon graduating from college, Alohi aspires to work for an international firm as a Marketing Manager and to one day establish her own green business in Hawaii.

Other Advice/Information

Get involved! It sounds so cliche, but getting involved with clubs/athletics/organizations that provide a positive environment for you to grow will help you to discover your likes/dislikes, skills and areas that may need improvement, and lay down a space for you to network with other students and leaders that may just help you along the way.

For scholarships- apply, apply, apply! While it sounds cliche, I am so grateful for the people that encouraged me to apply for every and any scholarship that I could; while writing tons of scholarship essays can seem like a hassle in the moment, the likelihood of gaining application experience and financial rewards only increase when you actually apply!

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