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The main thing that I wish I knew more about college when I was in high school is the importance of developing good time management practices and study routines when in high school. When most people are seniors, they often choose to take easier classes just because it fulfills the credit requirement and lets you have more time to relax. By doing this though, you will undoubtedly have a harder time adjusting to the workload demanded from some of your classes in college and struggle in managing your time between clubs, school work, and having fun. If you are given the chance, take on an extra AP or an Early College class because they will help you to skip some introductory requirements and allow you to learn the importance of not procrastinating and studying as you go. At the end of the day, people end up regretting the opportunities that they didn't take rather than the ones they did commit to, so when in doubt, try it out!

Cade Sugiyama '20

University of Southern California

Business Administration

Cade Sugiyama graduated from Pearl City High School with the Class of 2020. He is currently a freshman studying Business Administration at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. He is on a Presidential Scholarship and is a Fukunaga Scholarship recipient, so he is open to any questions regarding scholarship applications and interviews in addition to helping out with the college application process. Currently, he plans to become a personal financial advisor after college, but is still open to exploring other careers in the business field.

Other Advice/Information

First off, DON'T PROCRASTINATE ON YOUR COLLEGE APPS! I know it's easy to say and hard to do, but I promise that you will be thanking yourself in the future by starting your app right now, no matter how much you get done. Aside from that, be sure to leverage all the opportunities you are given to explore your careers and colleges in high school. Don't be afraid to reach out to your counselors or any of the mentors listed on this page because we are all here for your benefit! Also, take advantage of all that the Academies provide, whether it be career speakers, internships, or just career-related classes in general because it will definitely help you to either know what you want to do, or at least know what you really don't like. I know that's a lot, but it'll definitely pay off in the end!

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