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I wish I knew how much of an adult they treat you as. In high school and intermediate, they explain that college is challenging and hard and the teachers will be harder on you because you're an adult now. However, college is such a fun and educational experience that I wish I had gotten more driven to do half day during my senior year to start sooner. I wish I knew that in college, they understand your circumstances and they understand that life gets in the way sometimes, so a lot of the things are going to be on you; but don't feel alone because the counselors there on campus will help you with anything you need, and the colleges has so much support systems in place that even if you felt you are too dumb to be in college, you would pass and exceed even your expectations.

Destiny-Rose Bataya '19

Leeward Community Community & University of Hawaii at Manoa

Social Work

Destiny-Rose Bataya graduated from PCHS in 2019. Right after high school, she went to Leeward Community College to pursue her Associates in Social Work before going straight to a university. After Leeward CC, she transferred to UH at Manoa through the Kaie'ie Transfer Pathway.

Other Advice/Information

Pearl City High School offers the pathway courses, and that is much life college, but without your classes being already planned for you. Take advantage of everything you are learning in classes, and take advantage of the internship opportunities that are given to you in high school. In college, if you want to get into a program at a university they look at your volunteer work and your internship experiences, and a lot of times businesses won't allow you to intern unless you have past experiences. Take advantage of that! Also, if you are an athletic person, take advantage of the time you have on the field, mat, or court; there are many scholarships that are athletic but also academic. I always thought that I wouldn't get scholarships in high school or college because even though I had a high GPA, I wasn't taking honors classes like much of my other peers; academic scholarships don't emphasize the types of classes you've taken, but instead, the grades you have earned because in any way, shape or form, school is important and keeping up your grades during any time is a chore and they see that.

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